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Welcome to ECM Intranet, our information goldmine.

Sharing is caring. We have put together for you all of our knowledge in a structured way, whether the email of an old colleague or the latest presentations held during our events.

ECM intranet is also the core discussion place where Knowledge Groups also share documents and work via discussion boards. Stay up to date on all ECM events, surveys or benchmark studies and don’t be late to contribute !

With all this European knowledge in one hand, you will make your working life much more fun than it is already!

All ECM members staff are welcome, there are no restrictions. What are you waiting for?

Who are we?

European Cities Marketing is a non-profit organisation improving the competitiveness and performance of the leading cities of Europe. ECM provides a platform for convention, leisure and city marketing professionals to exchange knowledge, best practice and widen their network to build new business.

European Cities Marketing organises its own events and participates in many industry events throughout Europe. Find out about the latest upcoming events where you can meet us.



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One of the key strengths of European Cities Marketing is our commitment to helping our members to share their knowledge with one another. Up to now, our online strategy has been to share knowledge between members through this Intranet site, its groups, document libraries, and online sharing tools.


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